About PBI Products

Walk-In Seminars

PBI offers over 700 live programs every year. Many live courses are also offered live via simulcast to classrooms throughout the state, including some local bar associations. If you miss the live course, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to catch it as a video encore at a location near you.

Live Walk-In Courses

Traditonal CLE at its best. Visit one of our locations and learn from experts, face to face. Many of our walk-in courses are broadcast live to simulcast locations across the state.

Video Replays

Delivered to classrooms across the state, PBI’s video encores offer convenient access to our recorded programs. Find a course in your neighborhood.

PLI Simulcasts

The Practising Law Institute (PLI) is a renowned national provider of continuing legal education founded in 1933. We have selected some of PLI’s most popular programs for “simulcast” to our Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Mechanicsburg conference centers. Persons attending view the live broadcast from PLI in New York City. All participants have the opportunity to have their questions answered during the live question and answer sessions. Save yourself the time and expense of an overnight trip to New York City, and take advantage of the specialized educational programs for which PLI is famous. Lunch is served at all of these programs (except the second day of a day-and-a-half program).

Scholarships for PLI Simulcasts
PBA member discount coupons may be used for PLI simulcasts. No other PBI discounts or scholarships programs apply. Full and partial scholarships are available from the Practising Law Institute for judges, judicial law clerks, law professors, law students, law librarians, attorneys who work for nonprofit organizations, legal services organizations or government agencies, and unemployed attorneys. Attorneys in private practice who seek to learn skills that will assist them in pro bono activities are encouraged to apply. Scholarship applications must be submitted to PLI at least four weeks prior to the program you wish to attend. Click here to go to PLI’s website for instructions on applying, and to print their scholarship application form. (NOTE: If you are granted a scholarship you will need to register through PLI, not PBI.)

PLI Privileged Members
PLI Privileged Members are eligible to attend these programs as part of their privileged membership. To register to attend as a privileged member, contact PLI at 800-260-4754.

Distance Education Products

These products are subject to the CLE board distance education limit.

Live Webcasts

Live courses delivered over the web.

Live Webinars

Live courses over the web and phone.

On-Demand Videos

Archived courses available on the web.


PBI Press

With the help of expert lawyers, judges, and other professionals, PBI publishes high-quality reference books in 16 major practice areas. PBI Press books are professionally edited, indexed, typeset, and updated regularly with supplements and new editions. These resources—featuring fully searchable electronic text and forms downloads—will save you hours of research and drafting time.

Yellow Books

PBI’s unique course manuals—commonly known as “yellow books”—transform dynamic presentations into relatable references.  PBI’s staff and award-winning faculty supplement our programming with over 300 course-related books every year.  Now accessible through electronic download, these books feature highly practical information, including legal analysis, case updates, practice tips, and forms.

E-Docs & Forms

PBI’s E-docs — key-word searchable articles and forms from our popular course manuals — are available for immediate download.  Forms are formatted in Microsoft Word for your convenience.