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Wellness? Does the very word put you in mind of Beautiful People on their six week holidays? Or just people who are not clocking over a hundred hours a week serving clients well, no matter what, no matter when? Your inner voice drives you, but your inner voice knows too that balance is the answer. If only you had time.

Lawyers, balance is within your power. You do great things for others, now do it for yourselves. Here are a few ideas to put some spring into your step and a smile on your face.


Make a regular trip to the grocery and buy stuff that you like to eat, because it tastes good, and you feel good an hour later. Stop rushing your “meals” as though they were a task. Good food, partaken with good company, is uplifting. Keep it fun. Yes, you can spare 30 minutes for lunch and an hour for dinner. Really.


Once a day, take a meeting with yourself. Stay on topic – this meeting is about you--not work, not him, not her. Put your life in perspective. What do you like about yourself? Give yourself a compliment. Be positive if only for one minute. Be proud of your talent, your goodness. Walk tall when you walk through those office doors.

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You wouldn’t let your pooch stay on the couch 24/7…are you sitting in your car, slumping at your desk and lounging in front of the TV? Pick an activity as simple as walking around the block, and do it every day. You brush your teeth every day. You shower every day. Well, exercise every day. Not that hard, if you just view it as necessary upkeep.


Give yourself a break. Everyday. How long can you go without looking at any screens? You will be happier. Put it in Outlook as a standing appointment with “X” for a little intrigue. When the reminder dings, put your phone on airplane mode. Zen out (no yogi required).


Oh, people just love that. Watch the response. George Clooney does it professionally.


Stop what? You know... procrastinating. It is the source of a lot of angst. Plan your day, or your morning, or at least the next hour. Make your own time count as much as your work time. Have a routine with some cushion built in. Look back and see all the stuff that you finished. Stop playing catch-up all the time. 


Just do the hard thing first, and move on. Or, let it grow big and heavy in the back of your mind 'til your head hurts. Your choice.


What? Yes, right now, just draw a five-point star. Label each point with the five most important aspects of your life. You may not put “work” on more than one point. See how your actual compares to your desirable. Institute some balance.


Off-duty, not at the office. Get a pal to try it with you, or take a class and meet some strangers. Photography? Mixology? Flying? Tennis, anyone?


You worked hard to earn your license, to call yourself a lawyer. Be proud of what you have done and what you can do. Smart people move civilization forward. Bet you are one of them.