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With nearly limitless technology at your fingertips, so many things have gotten faster and easier, and managing your money is no exception. Wondering where to begin? Let’s start with the basics.

Mint: available on iTunes, Google Play

It is easier than ever to manage and view your finances in real time. By securely linking all accounts, debts, payments and expenses in one handy place, you know exactly where your money is going. Apps like Mint show you easy-to-read charts and graphs, showing you where your money is going in real time and making it easy to see where you can cut back.

Digit: available on iTunes, Google Play

Looking for a painless way to set aside some extra funds? Check out apps like Digit, which will scan your income and spending patterns and determine when you have a bit of extra cash that it can transfer to a separate savings account.

Acorns: available on iTunes, Google Play

One of the hottest trends in tech and finance is microinvesting—the idea that you can use technology to automate small investments made with money that is essentially your “spare change”. By rounding each of your purchases up to the next dollar, Acorns takes the extra change and invests it in a portfolio of your choice.

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Credit Karma: available on iTunes, Google Play

As personal finance continues to grow in sophistication, regularly monitoring your credit is as important as ever. Free services like Credit Karma keep you up to date on your scores and reports and can also recommend better credit card or loan offers as well as auto insurance and mortgages that can improve your finances even more.

Venmo: available on iTunes, Google Play

Technology makes it easier to spend your money too. Check out Venmo, a super easy payment-sharing app that allows you to send money to other users in real time. You can keep funds right in a Venmo account or link it directly to a bank or debit account. Want to split the tab without the hassle of cash exchange? You’re only an app away.