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Test your management skills by weighing them against these five simple equations. The result will directly shape the future and success of your law firm.

Respected Professional > Office Buddy

While having positive personal interactions is critical for a healthy workplace culture, respectful boundaries are equally so. Rapport amongst staff is great—but BFFs instead of coworkers can make things complicated and perpetuate performance issues.

Your Behavior / Behavior of Others

Lead by Example. “Do as I say, not as I do” management is a recipe for disaster. Make your integrity, responsibility and work ethic demonstrable and your team will follow suit.

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Strengths x Empowerment

Build on Strengths. If everybody was good at everything, a team of one would be plenty. Figure out the unique strengths of the people working with you and give them tools and assignments that play to those strengths so they can excel and develop.

Clear Expectations + Consistent Feedback

No feedback is the worst feedback. Communicate clear expectations and define key performance indicators for everyone on your team, and give them constructive feedback—early and often.

You – Compromise

Cut Your Losses. Whether they are non-performers despite appropriate support and remediation, or high performers with toxic personalities—the cost of keeping them becomes much greater than that of letting them go. Move on so they can too.