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What Is It Costing You Not to Listen? 2023

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In-Person - Philadelphia
The CLE Conference Center
Wanamaker Building, 10th Floor, Suite 1010, Philadelphia PA, 19107
STARTThu., Dec. 07, 2023
9:00 AM
ENDThu., Dec. 07, 2023
12:15 PM


Communication is a cornerstone of a successful legal career, and a key tenet of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Specifically, Rule 1.4 delineates the communications required between lawyers and their clients. At the core of successful communication lies the art of effective listening – a skill that is often undervalued and overlooked. As legal professionals, you spend a significant portion of your time listening, whether it's in the courtroom, during client consultations, or while collaborating with your colleagues. Unfortunately, little time and resources are spent teaching us how to listen, costing us dearly in our professional and personal lives.

In this interactive CLE workshop, join Christine Miles, an expert in transformative listening, as she demonstrates her proven system of transformational listening, helping you to uncover the true needs of your clients, colleagues, employees, and loved ones. By detecting the unstated needs of others, transformative listening has the power to revolutionize conversations, enabling individuals and teams to understand, consult, inform, explain, persuade, sell, negotiate, and lead with unparalleled success. Christine will engage directly with participants, delving deeper into the art of listening, answering your questions, and offering hands-on experience through her groundbreaking Listening Path® Game.

Participants will walk away from this dynamic workshop equipped with the tools to listen differently and a deeper understanding of the value of listening. You'll be well-prepared to foster personal and professional success, foster cultures of empathy and understanding, and more effectively communicate with your clients.

Specifically, participants will:
- Discover Why Even Good Listeners Fail
- Identify the Enemies of Listening and Different Learning Personas 
- Learn What Good Listening Looks Like
- Understand the Impacts of Transformational Listening
- Develop Effective Client Communication Skills
- Engage in Hands-On, Interactive Listening Practice

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your communication skills and harness the incredible potential of transformative listening. Join us for this fun and engaging session and leave with a deeper understanding of what it takes to communicate with clients effectively, the ability to connect on a deeper level, and the tools to build cultures of empathy and understanding in both your professional and personal life.

All attendees will receive the course materials as a digital book at the conclusion of the course. This book is not available for sale separately.

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Christine Miles M.S. Ed. EQuipt-People
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