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Social Media for Lawyers

Who among us would have thought, while in law school, that we might someday say with a straight face, "I tweeted that." Who among us today understands the full implications of that for the practice of law?

PBI is developing a social media presence. We invite you to join these experiments, described below.

We also offer courses on the legal aspects of social media. Watch for announcements.

Find Us on Facebook

"Like" PBI's home page on Facebook (in Facebook parlance, this used to mean becoming a "fan"). Then when you log into your Facebook page you'll get our latest links to useful news stories, short video tutorials, tips, and occasional notice of courses. This is NOT your teenager's Facebook page; this is how we're using social media to help you. You'll need a Facebook account to follow us. If you don't yet have one, you may want to

New! In September 2010 we created separate Facebook pages for key areas of practice. As we develop courses and books, and when hot developments occur, we'll post quick nuggets on these pages. If you use Facebook, you can follow them. Just "like:"

Follow Us on Twitter

We've also got a presence on Twitter; click this link and opt to follow us if you have a Twitter account. Most of the items we post on Facebook are automatically posted on Twitter, but we have a few Twitter-unique features. We've had some success experimenting with live tweeting during seminars. Jennifer Ellis has prepared:

PBI's YouTube Channel

We're posting our video tutorials, and occasional clips from courses, to the PBI youtube channel. And what better way to get acquainted with YouTube than by watching Jennifer's short and snappy How to Use YouTube... on YouTube!